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San Antonio’s "4" Star Scariest & True Paranormal Haunted House

(SA Express/News 1999/ AfterDark Paranormal Investigations 10.10.10)

Are you a paranormal Ghost Hunter interested in staying connected to “life after life” and exploring the enchanting mysteries of God’s spiritual universe? Built in the 1940’s, the halls of Terror Mansion are filled with a very active unexplained spiritual history documented through hundreds of amazing photos and/or video containing beautiful ORBS…many with faces (ie image of Jesus), full body apparitions and images appearing on walls and other surfaces. Of course, lights occasionally turn on, locked doors unlock and open, footsteps can be heard on the roof and objects have been known to suddenly move.

TM AFTERLIFE GHOST TOURS: Between March and August, join us on our TM After Life Ghost Tours (Limited Seating & Reservations Required) TM 4 STAR SCARIEST & TRUE PARANORMAL HAUNTED HOUSE: Between September and October, you and your friends are cordially invited to visit the popular Terror Mansion haunted house attraction and RUN, CRAWL and SCREAM for your life while trying to survive 23 intense rooms of horror tunneling into the deep dark depths of Halloween.

(Survivor Hints: Group Prayer and a Rosary)

"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die” John 11:25-26